Effects of pornography

I will see a Dear Abby type article every once in a while and the writer will talk about how their spouse has lost interest in sex and no longer finds them attractive. The response so often will suggest things to do without looking for the problem. I very seldom see a response that suggests pornography to be the problem. The symptoms they describe are so often, those that occur when a person is addicted to pornography, but yet it is never mentioned.

The addiction to pornography will affect how a person views their spouse or partner. It can cause a person to lose interest and even to the point of no longer being able to function in a normal marriage relationship. Young children can become addicted and get involved in stuff that will effect them into their adult life yet people are reluctant to face reality. People don’t want to make the effort to better their lives. They want to ignore the real issue and continue to do the very thing that is destroying their relationship.

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