TV influence on a young lady

There was a young lady, full of potential and compassion to help others, but she spent countless hours, day after day watching reality shows on TV that portrayed lives lived in sin. The characters on the shows were involved in sexual relations. They would have anger outbursts that included yelling and cursing. Many times they had negative effects of drugs and alcohol.

If you could hear this young lady living her life, you could see she was a reflection of what she filled her day with. If you could only get through to her that life was never intended to be this way. She must wonder why her relationships don’t last and friends turn their backs on her when she is in a time of needing a friend. You can only hope that she will begin to see the light and reflect on good things so that the good she puts into herself can pull out the good that she already has inside. That way, when she is looked upon by others, they will see the reflection of light instead of darkness.

We become what we expose ourselves to. If we want to have a positive life, we must focus on the positive. We must look upon that which is good and turn from evil. Satan will use ever means possible to steal the life we can have through Christ. Don’t be deceived into believing his lies. Seek the Truth.


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