Especially for Girls

It takes work and discipline to get the right partner to do life with.

It is easy to find someone to sleep around with, but those relationships don’t have real love and commitment. They tend to fail within a two year period.

The only way to find that satisfying relationship is by God’s standards.

The world, like things we see on TV and our friends that are living in sin, will tell us how to find that love of our life. We wonder why we go through the heartache and pain.

God has a better way. He knows what will bring us satisfaction and He has the rules to find that partner that we desire. Are we willing to do it right? The rules work even without having a relationship with Christ. A relationship will make it so much better, but the rules He laid down work better than any other. They not only work better, but they also protect us from many negative consequences including heartache and disease.

What kind of future do we want? What do we want our relationship to be like in 10, 20, 30 years? Do we want to look back and be “WOW” or do we want to look back asking, “Why did I waste those moments, months, years”? What kind of memories do we want to create for those we love and for us to look back on? What kind of life, relationship do we really want? What kind of reputation do we want? Our decisions will determine many of these answers and help to give us the life we desire. God gave us desires and He gives us the standards to meet those desires and He will help us. Seek Him and all that you can be. Don’t be less than your best.

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