You Can’t Buy a Relationship

Sometimes people will do something for someone or give them gifts in hopes that they will be their friend. When this happens, the person receiving the gifts will often be a friend until the giving stops. Usually they want the giving to increase and when they have exhausted the person of their resources, then they no longer treat them well. The person doing the giving may begin to feel used even if they were the one that created the situation.

Many times, a person will continue to develop these relationships thinking that is the way to get friends. They get friends but don’t realize they are unhealthy relationships. When people expect things from you, they continue to want more and when you can’t give them more, they want out. You will begin to be at their mercy no matter what they put you through. If you continue to be willing to expose yourself to their demands you may begin to lose your self esteem.

Pride can be a harmful thing, but you must have some so that you don’t continue to be walked on. You can have good friends that don’t expect something in return. Those will be your true friends. Once you begin to develop some true friends that you can share a healthy relationship with, you should be able to boost your confidence and not be seeking friends that have a negative influence on you. You need to set boundaries and get out of the relationships that hold you back from being all that you can be.

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