Are you blaming others for the negative things going on in your life? Do you really think that how you live does not affect the quality of life that you experience? Most of what happens to us is a result of the decisions we make. Others only have as much influence as we allow them to have. Many will blame others because they don’t want to deal with the fact that they may have changes that they need to make. This only causes problems in the relationship because there is blame placed on those that are not at fault. Resentment and hard feelings can build and destroy the relationship. Both parties will have to work at mending the relationship. No relationship can heal unless both are willing.

No one can help someone have a more positive life until that person is willing to admit to things that are holding them back. They must be willing to make necessary changes. A problem can’t be fixed until that person recognizes the problem and admits to having a problem. We all have problems arise in our life at different times. We must be accountable for how we handle the problems. We must take responsibility for the outcome. Putting blame on someone else will never be the solution. At that point, it is a form of denial.

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