What Are You Celebrating This Christmas?

Christmas is a time where we should celebrate the gift that God gave us. God sent His Son so that we could have a better life. We give gifts to one another to symbolize that thought. Who do you know that you can bless with a gift that would make their life better? Don’t forget to let them know about the Savior for He is the Ultimate Gift that anyone can receive and He is free. We can’t buy or earn what He wants to give us. Most of us don’t need to lavish things on ourselves. We are blessed and already have plenty. Take time to be silent before God. Don’t allow yourself to get so wrapped up in the preparation that you lose sight of what you are celebrating.

If you have children, they will remember the memories that you share more than the gift that comes in a box. If they know the importance of having a relationship with Jesus, they will have a gift that will last longer than anything you can buy them and the extended warranty comes at no extra charge. Make sure they know what they are celebrating. It is the Birthday of our Christ. It is not their birthday or a day that Christ is replaced by an “X” or just another happy holiday.

If you know Christ as your Savior, share Him with someone. He is a gift that keeps on giving. If you don’t, you can accept Him as your Savior and this Christmas will mean more to you than ever before.

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