Are We Equipped To Deal With An Addict?

If you have ever talked with a drug addict suffering from withdrawal, you will not know what the best solution is to their situation. They have gotten themselves into a big mess. Big messes are not always easy to get out of. They will more than likely have to suffer through a recovery process. They will have to fight their way out. It most likely will not be an easy process. The sad thing is many often go right back to their habit. There does not seem to be a definite solution for any certain individual. Whatever the case may be, hopefully they will continue to try all their resources until they succeed. Too many times, they want to solve the problem themselves because of pride or shame. God can be a help no matter what resources are used in treatment. He can bring success to any situation. He can also give us the strength to resist the things that are not good. The only way to have access to the power God has is to ask for His help and allow Him to do the guiding. We must be willing to be obedient to what He tells us. We must keep saying, “No” to those things that have been holding us back.

An addict going through withdrawal will say, “It feels like my skin is burning off.” That sounds like hell. Hell is fire that we cannot escape from and that will not consume us which means forever with no relief. The sad thing is they will often say, “I just want to die.” What a sad scenario because there are ways out while we are on earth but after death, there will be no escape. They believe that death will give them relief. God offers real relief both for the situations we get ourselves into here on earth as well as a home in eternity where there will be no pain and suffering. The choices seem so plain to those that walk with Christ but Satan has deceived the addict into believing false statements. Addiction is not something a person should be trying to handle on their own. They will need help not only to get off of what they are using but also to stay off. If you know someone suffering, pray for them. It may be a long, dark tunnel before we see the light. If you are suffering, pray for yourself and seek help from professionals and those that love you. The ones that enable your habit are not the ones that genuinely care.

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