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Use Your Talents To Reach Others For Christ

A video worth watching. Jeff Allen has a testimony that has something for everyone. God takes anyone, no matter how low they have fallen. He uses their past no matter what is in it. Don’t look on people as if there is no hope for He can reach those that seem too far gone.

God gives us talents. Our talents can be used in ways that don’t glorify God. If we give the talents that God gave us to be used for God’s glory, He uses them to reach others for Him and we are blessed because of our obedience. Jeff has a talent for making people laugh. His testimony lets us know that we serve a God that will use anything we go through to bring glory to God. When you know what God has done with your issues, you want to share with others what God can do in their life. God can change the direction of our life. What plans do we have for our life? What is God’s plan for our life? Who has the better plan? If you aren’t already following God, give His plan a try. He may have more to offer you than you ever imagined.

God Wants Full Access

When you ask Jesus into your heart, your heart becomes his dwelling place, His home. He does not just want to be in the front room. He wants to be invited and welcomed to dwell in every room.

When you invited Him, He came not to visit but to dwell. He plans on staying. He wants to have access to the whole house. He wants to clean every room. He wants to be comfortable in every room.

When you trust Him enough to give Him full access and permission to move things out, to move things around, and to make room for better, you will begin to see what He really has to offer. You will begin to be able to trust Him to also bring in His Blessings and His Promises.

You will begin to see the difference. Things will look brighter. The sun (SON) will begin to shine in every room. To have this unfold we are called to submit and give it all to Him and then He will be able to do His part.

We are called to make the first move. He does not force Himself into closed doors. If we want change, then we must open the door. Change is hard, but it will be better with God. It will be the best. When we give God total control, then we have access to all God has to offer.

i.e. If you have a trusted friend that you can depend on to watch your house while you are on vacation, feed your pets, water your plants, etc., He in turn will most likely trust you to do the same for Him. You will have full access to each others’ home.

God allows you full access to His blessings and promises when you fully trust Him with every aspect of your life.

A Hug From Your Heavenly Father

There are times in our lives that we would feel so much better to have a loved one, a parent, a mother or father, a grandparent or anyone to reach out and touch us and let us know we are loved.

There are times in our lives that there may not be a physical person available to do that.

 There are children that grow up not knowing what it is to be loved. For many reasons, they may not have had parents or someone to hug them when they needed a hug. Broken homes and parents not being there for their child is a tragedy in that life. There are many living irresponsibly that bring about this lack of love to a child’s life. Selfish actions so often cause hurts to all that are involved.

 There are times as we grow that people don’t really know how to understand us so they don’t know what we really need. Teenagers often are torn between independence and a need for love and aren’t understood. Even loving parents want to continue telling them how to do life when that is no longer what they need. They need respect as they enter this new stage of life. Other people have had experiences that others just don’t understand which can make it difficult to offer the love and understanding that is needed.

 There may be times that our parents are no longer available. Maybe a job has caused us to have to move away. We can still talk to them but have limited time to see and touch. Maybe their life on earth has come to an end. Eventually we all have to experience that loss. Maybe there are things that have happened to cause an emotional distance in the relationship. Situations arise that cause parents and children to distance themselves sometimes out of protection and sometimes out of hostility.

 No matter how much humanly love we lack on earth, we all have a Heavenly Father that can touch us in a way like no human could. He loves us more that any human could and knows exactly what we have gone through. He loves us no matter what our past or present holds. He accepts us right where we are no matter the circumstance. He knows our need better than we do. We can feel His touch but we have to be willing to accept Him as Father and we have to want to receive His touch.

 If you have never felt the love of your Heavenly Father, you can today. Reach out and accept Him. He has already accepted you. He want to embrace you and carry you.

 If you know what this love is, share it with others. You can keep going back for your daily hugs.

Better Love

If you think you can get better love out in the world than what Jesus gives, you will be searching and not finding.

Christ loved you from the beginning and continues to love you.

He loves you like no other.

There is nothing you have done or can do that would cause Him to love you less.

Don’t Resist Change, Examine It


Sometimes peoples’ beliefs don’t line up exactly. Every individual needs to pray and read on their own. When you read God’s word, be sure to pray to God that He would reveal to you what He wants you to get from your reading. With Jesus in your heart, He will reveal to you what He desires you to learn from your reading.

Some will state their beliefs and they don’t even spend time in prayer and reading. Their belief is coming from something else. It may be coming from another person or from a past experience or it may be the way they just choose to believe. These may not always be correct. Some don’t want to seek because they don’t want to change how they are living. They are convinced they are OK in what they already believe. People tend to resist change even when it may be good.

What we believe can sometimes change because of how God reveals things to us as we grow. God reveals things to each individual differently based on their need and where they are in their walk with Him. When God reveals things to us, we need to be open and willing to accept what He gives us. It is through hearing and obeying that we will continue to grow. We should be careful not to resist changes that God wants to make because the changes that God brings into our life is always going to be good.

Keeping God at the center of your life is the most important. With prayer, God can reveal anything he wants to you. He can change , grow, and reveal things to people even when they have limitations that prohibit them from reading. He meets people where they are and overcomes whatever limitation they have because those that seek Him will find Him.