God Wants Full Access

When you ask Jesus into your heart, your heart becomes his dwelling place, His home. He does not just want to be in the front room. He wants to be invited and welcomed to dwell in every room.

When you invited Him, He came not to visit but to dwell. He plans on staying. He wants to have access to the whole house. He wants to clean every room. He wants to be comfortable in every room.

When you trust Him enough to give Him full access and permission to move things out, to move things around, and to make room for better, you will begin to see what He really has to offer. You will begin to be able to trust Him to also bring in His Blessings and His Promises.

You will begin to see the difference. Things will look brighter. The sun (SON) will begin to shine in every room. To have this unfold we are called to submit and give it all to Him and then He will be able to do His part.

We are called to make the first move. He does not force Himself into closed doors. If we want change, then we must open the door. Change is hard, but it will be better with God. It will be the best. When we give God total control, then we have access to all God has to offer.

i.e. If you have a trusted friend that you can depend on to watch your house while you are on vacation, feed your pets, water your plants, etc., He in turn will most likely trust you to do the same for Him. You will have full access to each others’ home.

God allows you full access to His blessings and promises when you fully trust Him with every aspect of your life.

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