A Hug From Your Heavenly Father

There are times in our lives that we would feel so much better to have a loved one, a parent, a mother or father, a grandparent or anyone to reach out and touch us and let us know we are loved.

There are times in our lives that there may not be a physical person available to do that.

 There are children that grow up not knowing what it is to be loved. For many reasons, they may not have had parents or someone to hug them when they needed a hug. Broken homes and parents not being there for their child is a tragedy in that life. There are many living irresponsibly that bring about this lack of love to a child’s life. Selfish actions so often cause hurts to all that are involved.

 There are times as we grow that people don’t really know how to understand us so they don’t know what we really need. Teenagers often are torn between independence and a need for love and aren’t understood. Even loving parents want to continue telling them how to do life when that is no longer what they need. They need respect as they enter this new stage of life. Other people have had experiences that others just don’t understand which can make it difficult to offer the love and understanding that is needed.

 There may be times that our parents are no longer available. Maybe a job has caused us to have to move away. We can still talk to them but have limited time to see and touch. Maybe their life on earth has come to an end. Eventually we all have to experience that loss. Maybe there are things that have happened to cause an emotional distance in the relationship. Situations arise that cause parents and children to distance themselves sometimes out of protection and sometimes out of hostility.

 No matter how much humanly love we lack on earth, we all have a Heavenly Father that can touch us in a way like no human could. He loves us more that any human could and knows exactly what we have gone through. He loves us no matter what our past or present holds. He accepts us right where we are no matter the circumstance. He knows our need better than we do. We can feel His touch but we have to be willing to accept Him as Father and we have to want to receive His touch.

 If you have never felt the love of your Heavenly Father, you can today. Reach out and accept Him. He has already accepted you. He want to embrace you and carry you.

 If you know what this love is, share it with others. You can keep going back for your daily hugs.

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