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Are We Equipped To Deal With An Addict?

If you have ever talked with a drug addict suffering from withdrawal, you will not know what the best solution is to their situation. They have gotten themselves into a big mess. Big messes are not always easy to get out of. They will more than likely have to suffer through a recovery process. They will have to fight their way out. It most likely will not be an easy process. The sad thing is many often go right back to their habit. There does not seem to be a definite solution for any certain individual. Whatever the case may be, hopefully they will continue to try all their resources until they succeed. Too many times, they want to solve the problem themselves because of pride or shame. God can be a help no matter what resources are used in treatment. He can bring success to any situation. He can also give us the strength to resist the things that are not good. The only way to have access to the power God has is to ask for His help and allow Him to do the guiding. We must be willing to be obedient to what He tells us. We must keep saying, “No” to those things that have been holding us back.

An addict going through withdrawal will say, “It feels like my skin is burning off.” That sounds like hell. Hell is fire that we cannot escape from and that will not consume us which means forever with no relief. The sad thing is they will often say, “I just want to die.” What a sad scenario because there are ways out while we are on earth but after death, there will be no escape. They believe that death will give them relief. God offers real relief both for the situations we get ourselves into here on earth as well as a home in eternity where there will be no pain and suffering. The choices seem so plain to those that walk with Christ but Satan has deceived the addict into believing false statements. Addiction is not something a person should be trying to handle on their own. They will need help not only to get off of what they are using but also to stay off. If you know someone suffering, pray for them. It may be a long, dark tunnel before we see the light. If you are suffering, pray for yourself and seek help from professionals and those that love you. The ones that enable your habit are not the ones that genuinely care.

What Are You Celebrating This Christmas?

Christmas is a time where we should celebrate the gift that God gave us. God sent His Son so that we could have a better life. We give gifts to one another to symbolize that thought. Who do you know that you can bless with a gift that would make their life better? Don’t forget to let them know about the Savior for He is the Ultimate Gift that anyone can receive and He is free. We can’t buy or earn what He wants to give us. Most of us don’t need to lavish things on ourselves. We are blessed and already have plenty. Take time to be silent before God. Don’t allow yourself to get so wrapped up in the preparation that you lose sight of what you are celebrating.

If you have children, they will remember the memories that you share more than the gift that comes in a box. If they know the importance of having a relationship with Jesus, they will have a gift that will last longer than anything you can buy them and the extended warranty comes at no extra charge. Make sure they know what they are celebrating. It is the Birthday of our Christ. It is not their birthday or a day that Christ is replaced by an “X” or just another happy holiday.

If you know Christ as your Savior, share Him with someone. He is a gift that keeps on giving. If you don’t, you can accept Him as your Savior and this Christmas will mean more to you than ever before.

What Makes God Sad?

Many children today continue to live at home as adults. They either have never left or they return when troubles come upon them such as financial, divorce, etc.

We as parents would like to treat them as an adult but so often they live under our roof and continue to act like a child. They think we are to supply for them. They help themselves to stuff as if it is theirs. They don’t show respect for the things that belong to others in the home. They don’t respect the others in the home such as siblings and the fact that sharing and cooperation need to take place. They have no respect for the rules that have always been in place that they still choose to not follow. They still act like the brat that lives at home. They act and do things there that they wouldn’t do as a guest in someone else’s home.

Will they ever grow up? Somewhere we have failed to move them into adulthood by making life too easy as a child and not giving them responsibility and consequences.  We tried so hard to protect them that we have even protected them from the consequences that would have been good for them.

Now they are considered adults because of their age but they have never really grasped the ability and responsibility level needed to act like an adult. Our parenting has made their growing up process to be delayed but there comes a time when we need to cut the strings to save our sanity. They are perfectly capable of making wise decisions but it will have to be them that choose to do that. Their quality of life will depend on what they choose. We are no longer responsible for their mistakes. It makes us sad because we can see how much better their life could be with some changes, but it is the choice they are making.

This scenario is much the same with our Heavenly Father. He wants things better for us but we continue to do things our way. We neglect to follow His rules. We insist that our consequences are the result of someone else. We look to blame someone else. We act like a spiritual brat. We want blessings and stuff given to us without having to be responsible to God and without being obedient to God. We want to continue in our rebellion. We are capable of making the right choice but we choose not to for some reason. God will not go against our will. He allows us to choose the life we want to live.

We can pray for our children and should continue to do that. We continue to love them no matter how much they step on our heart. God also continues to love us. God is also sad when we choose to live a life that is less than what He has for us. We cannot do anything that will cause Him to love us any less. He continues to call us even when we don’t want to hear Him. He will be there if we choose to call on Him.

Two Glass Doors

If we had two glass doors to choose to walk through where we could see what was going on inside, would people still be deceived by the looks of the activities? If you know anything about life, you would probably agree that some would still choose the wrong door.

In this life, we make wrong choices. As long as we don’t step too far into the wrong door, we can probably make a quick choice to get out. The further we go in, the harder it is to find our way back out. If we can’t find the way out, God will help us IF WE ASK.

While we live on this earth, we will always have a way out if we make that choice. After death, we will no longer have a choice. Our choices on earth will have determined our eternity. Make sure you are aware of what is on the other side of the doors you walk through.

Free Salvation: Offer expires at death

Rick Warren tweets it this way:

Salvation: The free offer expires when you do.