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Sharing Our Problems With Our Children

If we have struggles in our life, we should share them with our children. The details of those struggles will depend on the age of our children. They need to know that we are not perfect and even if we were, we would still have troubles. They need to know that we will have problems in this life and they need to know how to handle problems by watching and learning. They will learn what works and what does not work. You can even ask them to help by praying for the situation so they know that we take our problems to God and want to have God guide us through the problem and the solution.

God allows problems to enter our lives. Don’t get mad at God. He allows problems so that we can grow in our relationship with Him and our relationship with others. He also allows them so that others can learn from watching us and how we handle the problem. It may be our children that will learn from us or anyone else in our circle of friends and family. Sometimes it may be the difficultly that our child is having that will be what God uses to teach us something.

No one really likes the pain that comes from difficult situations. God does not always take the pain away. God has a purpose for the pain. Seek the resources that God puts in place to help you get through the pain. God makes us more than conquerors. Too many children are turning to the world to escape from pain. They turn to alcohol and drugs and unhealthy relationships as a way to forget they have a problem. This is happening with younger kids than in the past. They see others deal with their problems in that way. They need to see us dealing with our problems in a positive manner. Running from the problem will not solve it. We need to face our problems.

By sharing our problems with our children, they will be more open to come to us when they are having a problem. If we are trusting them to pray for us and be a part of the solution, they will be more confident in knowing that we can work together to bring about solutions to their problems also. Problems are often overcome by people working together. They will realize we want them to overcome the problems they face in life just like God wants us all to be overcomers. When they see God work in the problems that we face, they will develop their own relationship with God and realize that God wants to be the source of our solutions.


If you haven’t heard Jeff Allen’s testimony, you may want to hear it first. You can find it in:

Use Your Talents To Reach Others For Christ

It will help you understand this one. The testimony is about 25 minutes. It will be well worth your time. This one is only 2 minutes.

Forgiveness from our Father in heaven is the greatest gift we will ever receive. We all need to forgive and we all need to be forgiven not only by our Heavenly Father but other people. We will do things that will need to be forgiven. We will wrong people because we are not perfect. They will wrong us because they are not perfect.

Some may have to ask their children for forgiveness. People seem to think it is wrong to go to a child and ask for forgiveness. It may be as simple as not setting a good example in our behavior or acting inappropriately but our kids need to know that we are not perfect and people will fail them. They need to know forgiveness goes both ways and we can accept each other just as our Father in Heaven accepts us when we are not perfect.

Asking for forgiveness and forgiving someone is often a humbling experience but well worth it and it becomes easier as you realize its rewards.

Use Your Talents To Reach Others For Christ

A video worth watching. Jeff Allen has a testimony that has something for everyone. God takes anyone, no matter how low they have fallen. He uses their past no matter what is in it. Don’t look on people as if there is no hope for He can reach those that seem too far gone.

God gives us talents. Our talents can be used in ways that don’t glorify God. If we give the talents that God gave us to be used for God’s glory, He uses them to reach others for Him and we are blessed because of our obedience. Jeff has a talent for making people laugh. His testimony lets us know that we serve a God that will use anything we go through to bring glory to God. When you know what God has done with your issues, you want to share with others what God can do in their life. God can change the direction of our life. What plans do we have for our life? What is God’s plan for our life? Who has the better plan? If you aren’t already following God, give His plan a try. He may have more to offer you than you ever imagined.

God Wants Full Access

When you ask Jesus into your heart, your heart becomes his dwelling place, His home. He does not just want to be in the front room. He wants to be invited and welcomed to dwell in every room.

When you invited Him, He came not to visit but to dwell. He plans on staying. He wants to have access to the whole house. He wants to clean every room. He wants to be comfortable in every room.

When you trust Him enough to give Him full access and permission to move things out, to move things around, and to make room for better, you will begin to see what He really has to offer. You will begin to be able to trust Him to also bring in His Blessings and His Promises.

You will begin to see the difference. Things will look brighter. The sun (SON) will begin to shine in every room. To have this unfold we are called to submit and give it all to Him and then He will be able to do His part.

We are called to make the first move. He does not force Himself into closed doors. If we want change, then we must open the door. Change is hard, but it will be better with God. It will be the best. When we give God total control, then we have access to all God has to offer.

i.e. If you have a trusted friend that you can depend on to watch your house while you are on vacation, feed your pets, water your plants, etc., He in turn will most likely trust you to do the same for Him. You will have full access to each others’ home.

God allows you full access to His blessings and promises when you fully trust Him with every aspect of your life.

We Need God, Always

We often fumble through life turning to God in times of what we think is need. We actually need God at all times. He gives us every breath. We have a tendency, at least at times, to think we can do life on our own. We go along pretty well until a crisis hits and then we pray.

God will walk beside us waiting for that opportunity to commune but He wants us to commune with Him at all times. Those times that we think we are alone and doing life fairly well or even extremely well, God is still walking beside us waiting for us to realize His presence or waiting for us to realize our need.

We get busy and don’t take time to thank God or even realize He is the one giving us each breath. Apologize for those moments that you are so consumed with life that we don’t realize who gives us life. Be still today to feel God’s presence and thank Him for being there at all times.