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Happy Valentine’s Day

Love from Jesus

This Christian Valentine message
sends you love I got from Jesus,
love I learned from the gospels,
found in His words,
His actions, His example.
This Christian Valentine saying
conveys love I didn’t have
before I was saved,
couldn’t relate to or understand
before I gave my life to the Lord.
On Valentine’s Day,
know that I love you and want to
lift you up, encourage you and serve you.
Happy Valentine’s Day!

By Joanna Fuchs

Have You Been Going Through A Lot Lately?

We should not be worried about what Satan is going to throw at us next. Satan should be the one worried about what will come at him next because of God’s people praying. We should be standing firmly in Christ. Satan should be the one trembling. He is the weak one. We are more that a conqueror. Pray and receive the strength you need and you can transfer your worry to Satan and cause him to be the one to tremble.

Where Will You Allow Your Hard Times To Take You?

Hard times can cause some people to turn away from God? Why? Do they think He is not big enough to give them what they need to get through the trouble? Are they mad at Him for allowing this trouble into their life? Who better than God to know what we need to get through any trouble that we are called to face? God will honor our obedience. We should continue to serve and continue to commune with God through our trouble. We will come out on the other end more than a conqueror and we will be amazed by the fact that we survived because of the strength we received from God. If we don’t get honest with God and stay faithful, where would we find a better source of what we need to get us through our trouble? Can we really become greater by doing it our way? Give it to God daily. Allow your hard times to bring you closer to God and become more than you ever thought possible.

Your Way or God’s Way?

Have you ever suggested to someone how to get a job done or shared with them what you thought would be a better solution? Have they ever responded, “That sounds nice, but I think I’ll do it my way.” Sometimes our way is not the best way. Sometimes it is our way that got us into the mess we are in. It is always God’s way that works the best. If we are always wanting to do things our way, we will always end up either in a disastrous situation or in a situations that is less than what God had intended for us. God will allow us to be stubborn and do it our way. He will not force anyone to do anything His way. If you want all you can get out of life and the best life available to you then you will quit trying to do things your way and you will find that God’s ways are the best no matter what you have to go through.

What Is A Hypocrite?

When people think of hypocrite, they often think of a person that goes to church and doesn’t live up to the ways that the person calling them a hypocrite thinks they should be living. Do we really have the right to think we know how someone else should be living?

Sure some things are obvious because we can see where they are making mistakes, but do we really know why they do the things they do. Do we know what struggles they are going through? Do we really ever get to know them to help them make better decisions?

Do some people outside the church claim to be a Christian yet do the same things that someone in the church may be doing? Who is the hypocrite? They won’t go to church because there are hypocrites there. Are they being honest about their struggle or are they fighting the same battle but trying to do it on their own?

Are we always honest about what we are going through or do we pretend that life is OK because we don’t want others to know what we struggle with?

Are we hypocrites because we say one thing and do another? Or is it because we want to face our struggle on our own because no one really sincerely wants to be bothered with someone else’s issues?

Tough questions? We all have problems and we all deal with them in different ways. Remember, none of us are perfect. Let’s do our best to be all that we can be and to do all that we can to truly show someone we care. If you know someone is struggling and you have had that same struggle, you could be the one to make the difference.