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God is Jealous

God loves us and created us for His purpose.

We were designed for His purpose. We were designed to fellowship with Him and worship Him.

We will never be truly happy unless we are fulfilling that purpose.

When we are doing other things besides what we were designed for, God gets jealous.

When our friends devote more time to other things or people than to us, we get jealous. God gets jealous the same way.

God is jealous of the time we spend falling for Satan’s distractions. God wants us to be free to serve Him. He is tired of Satan having his way with us.

When we fall into sin, God gets angry. He does not want Satan to have us.

Keep your focus on what God has done for you, what He has brought you through, what He has promised you. He will fight for you. He is not about to allow Satan to have you now.

He gives us our daily bread. Ultimately He has sacrificed His Son Jesus that we can be saved and have eternal life.

Let’s listen to what He tells us, what He asks of us. Be obedient to His calling and His will.

What is God saying to you?

Keep Praying and Reading His Word. Be obedient.

Exodus 34:14 NIV Do not worship any other god, for the Lord, whose name is Jealous, is a jealous God.

God Wants You To Be Free

God gives you the freedom to choose the life you want. He has desires for you and knows what you can be but He gives you the choice to be what you want. Christ died on the cross for your sins. You have been given to Christ from God. Christ died to forgive you of the sins that you have committed. He died that you can live eternally with Him. He want you to be free. He did not come to condemn anyone.

We think we are free when we are out there doing what we want but we are actually being deceived. There are many things that control us when we are out there pretending to be free. When we feel the freedom that Christ offers us, we will know the difference.

Don’t be afraid of the light. If you allow the light to expose the darkness, you will feel that freedom. God will be glorified in what He can do for you. He will cleanse you and set you free. You will be free to be what God created you to be and that will bring good stuff into your life. You will see life differently. It will be clear to you. You will be able to live in truth and freedom.

All have sinned so don’t be deceived into thinking you have not. There is no one on this earth that has not sinned. It may be the smallest of lies but you are no better off that the one that has committed a “big” sin. Sin will not be allowed to enter heaven. Everyone is in need of a savior and Christ who was without sin is the only one worthy to save you. Don’t be deceived into believing there is any other way.

Don’t be deceived into believing there is a sin that Christ can’t forgive. Christ can and will forgive you of your sin no matter how “big” you think it is. All you need to do is ask Him for the forgiveness. He will in turn ask you to turn from that sin so that it will no longer control you. You will be forgiven just for the asking. He will do more that you can imagine with your life if you put your trust in Him.

God Forgives our Addictions

It does not matter what you have allowed yourself to get involved in, there is a way out. Go to God. Ask Jesus to forgive you of your wrongs and ask him to help you forgive yourself. Be sincere in your asking because He knows your thoughts but He wants to hear from you and He wants to help you. By being honest with God, you can begin to be honest with yourself. You will be free to live life as God designed it to be lived. God wants you to depend on Him and bring your needs to Him. God will forgive and He will help you forgive yourself. Whatever your habit, take it to God. He can handle anything you bring to Him. He wants you as you are because you cannot ever make yourself good enough on your own. He can deliver you from anything. He can restore and refresh your spirit. Begin today to become more than you ever imagined.

Kick the Habit Not Yourself


Addictions can be almost anything. Most think of addictions when they think of drugs and alcohol, maybe cigarettes and pornography, and then you have everyday stuff like coffee. Some of these may be good in their place and at appropriate times.

As for cigarettes and pornography, I can’t think of anything good that could come from them. I think cigarettes are only known for their destructive properties. Pornography has to affect the self esteem of those that make it. I can’t imagine feeling very highly of myself exploiting others or exploiting myself. Those that view it, have the same symptoms as drug and alcohol addicts. They need more of it and they are bound by the desire. Pornography has also been known to cause marriage problems and sexual problems. It goes to the extreme of causing you to no longer be able to function in a normal way during sexual intercourse. Young boys have been destroyed by pornography to the point that when they reach the age of wanting to marry, they have created a handicap within themselves that hinder the natural pleasure that God intended between a husband and wife.

Sex can also be an addiction when it is abused. Sex was intended to be something that helps hold a husband and wife together. When it is used simply as entertainment outside of marriage, it works just like a drug. Many, once they get involved will lose their ability to restrict who they participate with. Sex to them will lose its emotional aspect. Males tend to not have as an emotional tie as females which also creates problems because of a females desire to feel loved so they give in to a males desire that can be strictly hormonal. The benefit to restricting yourself until marriage gives you that added bond between you and your spouse that makes your sex life more satisfying than those that have not refrained and it also gives you the control in years to come that will give you the strength to not wonder outside of your marriage for what you should be seeking with your spouse. When there are problems within a marriage, you should seek solutions to those problems because sex outside your marriage will not solve the problem. Sex within your marriage will actually help. If there is a problem with your sexual relations within your marriage, it is probably due to some other underlying issue that can be worked out if both parties are willing to work it out. So basically, unhealthy sexual relations can be addictive.

Some alcohol, such as wine have been noted for their benefits. I feel some of these benefits could be obtained from non fermented juices and there wouldn’t be the risk of developing an addiction.

Drugs when used appropriately under the consultation of a physician and pharmacist can be helpful in our healing process and for certain medical conditions. When these are abused by people that have no clue what the drugs can do to them, the drugs become an addiction. They need more to satisfy, their brain and other organs are being destroyed, they have no concept of what real life is suppose to look like.

Everyday stuff like coffee, tea, caffeinated beverages, candy, you can almost list anything that you eat or drink in this list. If we are compelled to have it and don’t seem to function properly without it, then it can be an addiction. Coffee and tea have been noted as having some health benefits. Most foods have health benefits. Most of this list probably would not cause much concern unless they are leading to obesity or some other health issue. The biggest concern here would be the caffeinated beverages used in excess or especially the high caffeinated beverages that are not regulated and young people seem to be consuming. These have been known to be bad for your heart rate and to be fatal when used with alcohol and drugs.

I believe you can also be addicted to certain friends, boyfriend/girlfriend. Friends are for the most part good. We all need friends that we can talk to and share good times. It is when we can’t be away from a certain person and still be happy. It is when we depend on them to make us happy that it becomes an addiction. No person should be responsible for making us happy or unhappy. That just creates a unhealthy relationship. Some so called friends can lead us down the wrong path doing things that are wrong and making our wrongs seem alright.

Spending money can be another addiction. We can get ourselves into debt with our spending. We get use to having what we want and don’t know how to say “no” to the desire for an item. Sometimes it isn’t the item that causing the good feeling but the spending itself or maybe we think we are doing a good deed by helping someone else. If it is spending that we can’t afford then it is out of control. Sometimes we have the money but maybe we are spending it on the wrong stuff. This may also cause a negative impact on our lives.

Addictions are basically, anything that is robbing us of life or a part of our life. It is anything that is controlling us. It is anything that is causing a negative impact on ourselves or the ones around us. We have the ability to chose what is good for us and need to keep check on all things that they don’t get out of hand. If we really look and can follow our conscience, we will make the right choice. When we don’t have the strength to overcome any addiction, we have a God that will give us the strength we need if we turn to Him and ask for His help. He wants us to have an abundant life. It will not be without trouble but He will help us through the troubles. We do not need any of these addictions to help us feel good. These addictions only feel good for a time. We usually have a bigger problem after making the wrong choice. Let’s learn from the troubles we have and seek God instead of a temporary fix that only makes things worse. God always makes things better.