What Is A Hypocrite?

When people think of hypocrite, they often think of a person that goes to church and doesn’t live up to the ways that the person calling them a hypocrite thinks they should be living. Do we really have the right to think we know how someone else should be living?

Sure some things are obvious because we can see where they are making mistakes, but do we really know why they do the things they do. Do we know what struggles they are going through? Do we really ever get to know them to help them make better decisions?

Do some people outside the church claim to be a Christian yet do the same things that someone in the church may be doing? Who is the hypocrite? They won’t go to church because there are hypocrites there. Are they being honest about their struggle or are they fighting the same battle but trying to do it on their own?

Are we always honest about what we are going through or do we pretend that life is OK because we don’t want others to know what we struggle with?

Are we hypocrites because we say one thing and do another? Or is it because we want to face our struggle on our own because no one really sincerely wants to be bothered with someone else’s issues?

Tough questions? We all have problems and we all deal with them in different ways. Remember, none of us are perfect. Let’s do our best to be all that we can be and to do all that we can to truly show someone we care. If you know someone is struggling and you have had that same struggle, you could be the one to make the difference.

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