God Has A Plan For You

Get as much out of life (church, devotionals, prayer time, Sunday school, etc) that will make a positive difference in your relationship with Christ and ultimately your life. If you maintain a relationship with Him, you will be happier than you could ever be without Him. No matter what you experience in life, He will be there to help you through it. He will give you your life desires if you are willing to accept all that He has planned for you. So many think they have a better plan but you won’t find a better one than His. You will get out of life what you put into it. You will be better equipped to achieve goals that are meaningful and that will last.
We all have improvements that need to be made. God continues to help us make those improvements if we walk in His steps. I want to be in His steps and I pray you will seek to do the same. Each step starts by asking for His help. If you are walking in His steps pray for yourself that you will not be distracted by the things the world (Satan) uses to draw us away and pray for your peers that their distractions will not lead them down the wrong path. May God Bless you in your journey and your story. May your story be the beautiful one that God has planned for you.

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