You can be free to do what God wants you to do and free to be who God wants you to be. That freedom comes through Christ and gives us a feeling like no other freedom we have ever known. We think we are free when we are doing our own thing, but the sense of freedom we feel when following Christ is so much more. Without Christ, we cannot be free to receive His blessings. We are in bondage when we get involved in the sin He so often warns us to stay away from. We think we are free to do anything, but when we do what He has told us not to do, we create circumstances that bring negative consequences. This brings us under bondage and causes us to feel things God never intended for us. He warns us against sin because He does not want us to experience these negative consequences. He wants us to have freedom in Him so that we can receive His blessings and have life to the fullest. He does not promise a life without trouble but He has many many promises that are ours if we walk with Him. Life will be so much more fulfilling.

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