Axis Notes

I attended a weekend event where Axis presented their Grid Presentation and these are my notes:

What do you love?
               Love the right thing.
What kind of empire are you building?
Don’t build an empire of dirt.
Get the right map.
 Aim for the right target.
Run the right way.
 Play the right game.
 Believe the right things.

What is your target?
               If we hit the wrong target, it won’t count.
What game are you playing?
               It won’t matter if you win if it is the wrong game.
What do you believe?
               If you are acting differently than you say then you probably don’t believe what you say.
               Your walk talks and your talk talks, but your walk talks louder than your talk talks.
Are you filtering your views?
               Make sure you embrace the Truth.
We need real relationships with real people.
God wants to have a relationship with you.
We have done nothing wrong, but what have we done?
               Do something to make someone else’s life better. You will be better for it.
What excuses are we using to not change?
               Allow God’s Word to change us.
God gives us guidelines to protect us from harm and everything we give up or give to Him allows Him to give us something better and more fulfilling.
Examine your life: What can you do to make your life one level better?

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