Your Choice

If you are living in sin, God is tired of Satan having you. Surrender your life to God. Everyone has sinned and fallen short with Jesus as the only exception. Everyone without exception needs a Savior. Jesus is the only one acceptable to be our Savior. God will set you free from whatever bondage Satan has used to defeat you. God does not care what your life looks like. He does not care how messed up it might be. He is God. He can fix it. No one can fix themselves. No one can make themselves good enough for God no matter what they do. He created us and He can fix us. He loves you and wants to restore you to what He designed you for. He has a purpose for your life. He can heal you no matter what you have gone through. Surrender and reach for Him so that He can restore you. He will reach for you if you reach for Him. If you are willing, He will also be willing. He gives YOU the choice. He has already chosen you. If you choose Him, He will not allow Satan to have you. He will be with you and deliver you.

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