What Does God Want To Do For You?

We cannot expect others to solve our problems. We need to take steps to solve the problems that we face. We need to start by making sure we are right with God. We cannot always solve our problems on our own. We should give them to God before we even try. Once they are submitted to God, we should allow Him to work and we should be listening to what He wants us to do.

God want to help us overcome all that comes against us. He is waiting for us to give those problems to Him and trust that He will work them out to our good and His glory. If we truly seek Him, He will move. We must live in faith, knowing that He is able and willing. If we are not right with Him, we will lack the confidence we need to have that faith.

We try in vain to solve our problems on our own. The flesh will fail us. Ask the Holy Spirit to come in and guide you. This can be a process so keep seeking, don’t give up. Christ came that we can live in the Spirit and not the law. The law represents the flesh and our own strength. The Spirit is of God that is all powerful. He can do for us what we can’t even imagine. He will want control over every aspect of our life but He will make it good. We can’t settle for only allowing Him to work in certain areas. We must submit it all.

Even though God is all powerful, He will not force Himself on you. If you decide to work in your own strength, He can choose to allow you to struggle in your problem. He can allow your problem to escalate until it seems too big to handle. He can allow you to live without His blessings. He wants to help but He allows you to decide. We will someday bow before Him. Why not do it when we can be blessed? If we decide later in life, we cause ourselves and our families strife that could be avoided. If we decide to wait until our life on earth expires, we will still bow but we will only be cast out for not making the choice when we had the chance.

People think they lose control of their life by giving it over to God. It is actually the opposite. When  we don’t chose Christ, we actually leave ourselves open for Satan to come against us without having any defenses and then Satan is ultimately in control. By choosing Christ, we actually can feel a freedom that cannot be felt by any other means.

Living in the Law (our own strength)


Living in the Spirit (allowing the all knowing and all powerful God to control every aspect of our life)

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