What Do You Think?

Do you think people hesitate to ask God what He wants of them for fear of what He may ask them to do?

Do you think God will pour out His spirit on someone that is not really seeking Him?

If you have daily bible reading and seek God on a daily basis and know that you desire what He desires and you are honestly and eagerly seeking God’s will in your life, would you be short changing yourself to not go to the altar at church when an altar call is made even if you don’t feel a push from God to go?

Do you think everyone should be at the altar during an altar call because none of us have arrived at perfection and we will always need more of God to make our life better and draw closer to God?

Do people not go to the altar because they really feel they are as close to God as they can get or they think they are “good enough” or because they fear what other people will think?

Do you think God would hold blessings back from a person because someone else (say a family member, friend, spouse) is not being obedient?

Do you think bad things happen to good people to get someone else (say a family member, friend, spouse) to bend their knee and seek God?

Wouldn’t it be better to have all that God wants for you and be asked to do things you don’t like than to miss a blessing?

Wouldn’t you become a stronger person by doing things that may be a little uncomfortable because once you completed the task you would realize how God can give you the power to do things you thought were not possible?

Wouldn’t it be better to be obedient in all things so that others would not fall or suffer because of your disobedience?

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