What Are Teens Entitled To?

Teens today have a sense of entitlement. They think they have the right to anything they want. They think they are entitled to have it no matter what their behavior looks like or what their responsibility level is.

God will give us anything we ask in His name according to His Will. He expects certain things of us. Some of the things He expects include respect, obedience and proper behavior.

If we would set the example in our home, our children would be able to accept what a Godly relationship looks like. They would know what is expected and be able to walk with their Heavenly Father because of the example that was set in the home. Although we will never be able to be the perfect parent that our Heavenly Father is, we still need to stop giving in to demands.

Teens need to be grateful for the privileges and gifts they receive. They need to realize the gift comes with a sacrifice. The sacrifice may come from the giver or the receiver.

We don’t deserve the free gift of Christ dying for our salvation. He sacrificed himself because He loved us. Our gifts to our children are because we love them not because they deserve it. They need to realize there is a sacrifice behind each gift they receive. Someone has given up something of theirs so that they could give them the gift.(New Testament)

The one wanting something could also be the one that sacrifices. They may need to work and earn what they desire. They may need to sacrifice their time and it should be done responsibly and they should be putting their best effort into it.(Old Testament)

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