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Can Brokenness Be Healed?

We all want to be tough. Sometimes when we look tough on the outside, others can see the brokenness inside. As our kids grow, they want to be independent. They act tough because they want their parents and peers to think they can handle life on their own. God did not create us to handle life on our own. He created us to need Him and others. We try to protect our kids. We wish we could bandage the brokenness they have like we use to bandage a scraped knee but as they get older, the wounds get so much deeper. We need a God, a heavenly parent to heal our wounds and to allow Him to heal the wounds of our children.

Read from a teen’s perspective.

Are You Still Celebrating?

Hopefully you have celebrated the birth of Christ in the last couple months. If not, you have that opportunity everyday to celebrate. If you don’t have that reason to celebrate, today is the day of salvation. You can have that opportunity to celebrate by accepting Him as your Savior today.

If you have been celebrating, don’t stop now. Keep celebrating. Christ gives us so much to celebrate that everyday has something in it that we can praise Him for. Look for that reason to celebrate. May God Bless You each day during 2013.