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What Do You Think?

Do you think people hesitate to ask God what He wants of them for fear of what He may ask them to do?

Do you think God will pour out His spirit on someone that is not really seeking Him?

If you have daily bible reading and seek God on a daily basis and know that you desire what He desires and you are honestly and eagerly seeking God’s will in your life, would you be short changing yourself to not go to the altar at church when an altar call is made even if you don’t feel a push from God to go?

Do you think everyone should be at the altar during an altar call because none of us have arrived at perfection and we will always need more of God to make our life better and draw closer to God?

Do people not go to the altar because they really feel they are as close to God as they can get or they think they are “good enough” or because they fear what other people will think?

Do you think God would hold blessings back from a person because someone else (say a family member, friend, spouse) is not being obedient?

Do you think bad things happen to good people to get someone else (say a family member, friend, spouse) to bend their knee and seek God?

Wouldn’t it be better to have all that God wants for you and be asked to do things you don’t like than to miss a blessing?

Wouldn’t you become a stronger person by doing things that may be a little uncomfortable because once you completed the task you would realize how God can give you the power to do things you thought were not possible?

Wouldn’t it be better to be obedient in all things so that others would not fall or suffer because of your disobedience?

It is God’s Will That All Would Be Saved

It is God’s will that all be saved and have eternal life with Him.

So many don’t seek this when they are young because they think they have time. They don’t think about dying young but you don’t really know how long you have.

People that have accepted Christ’s salvation know its importance and want it for their loved ones. They want those they care about to also have eternal life with Christ.

Many don’t realize this importance and may miss their opportunity. We that know need to keep on praying so that as many as possible will make that positive choice in Christ. Once a person enters eternity, they will no longer have that opportunity.

Help Rescue Someone

If you have someone in your life that Satan is trying to devour like a sheep being devoured by a lion. Do like the Sheppard David and go after him as to rescue the sheep from the lion’s mouth. Strike the lion with all the strength you have and all the weapons you have. Ask God what you should do and ask Him to do the things that you cannot and go for the rescue with all you have. Don’t quit until they are rescued. The Lord will be with you just as He was with David. When that lamb is rescued, people will know that there is a God.

What Does Christianity Look Like?

Maybe you look at Christians and say that’s not for me. Well that’s not necessarily what God has for you. If you don’t like what someone’s relationship with God looks like, don’t worry. You are different and God does not want you to have their relationship. He created you unique and He wants to have a unique relationship with you. You will like the one He has for you, but you have to be the one to invite Him to share His plan with you. He has special plans for you and won’t give you more than you can handle and He will get you through the things that are tough. Just ask. Talk to Him. You will see.

You have probably seen Christians act badly but don’t let that stop you from what God has for you. He is still working on them. He works on each of us differently and at different times. He requests different things from us based on our abilities and desires that He has given us. His plan is complete. Pray for the Christian that you think is acting improperly because they may need some extra strength. Ask God to work in their life because it is not our job to fix them. Focus on God not on people because people will fail you.

It is also not someone’s else job to fix us. We need to be seeking God and walking in the light that He gives us. God may put people in our path to help guide us but be certain they are on the path we want to be on. If we are stumbling, ask God to help us get straightened out so that we aren’t causing our brother to stumble. We are never above falling. If you think you are, you are probably closer than ever to the edge of the cliff. Be careful.

Christianity will look different to everyone and it will also be a different experience for everyone.

An Adventure With God

If you are not living for God, we know you are missing out on God’s Will for your life and the many opportunities He has for you. Don’t allow anyone or any past experience to cause you to miss your opportunities.

Even if you are not excited, we remain excited about what God can do with your life. Many continue to pray for you. God makes a difference in our quality of life.

It doesn’t matter where you are or where you have been. God wants you as you are so He can heal and restore and give you the life He has planned. His plan gives love, joy, peace, and abundance even in life’s troubles.

He sees you for what you can be. We are all trying to make our lives better by living for Him. He can give us a life better than we can ever do on our own. We are all a work in progress. We would like to have you join us in that process.

It is a great adventure. The road gets bumpy at times but who doesn’t like a thrill ride. Each bump can be a “WOW” moment when we see what God does and when the ride is over we will be able to say “YES, we’ve had a great adventure.”

We want you to be a part of the adventure. May you feel His love right now, right where you are. May you desire to have His blessing.