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About an Addict that God Redeemed

If you have an addict in your life, you know you can’t give up praying even if they are giving up. God heals and God can use whatever they go through for His glory.

If you are an addict, God has a plan for your life but you need to be willing to turn control over to Him. He can heal you and use whatever you have been through for His glory.

Shawn McDonald has a beautiful testimony. God has delivered him and God can deliver you or the addict in your life. God is bigger than anything we will ever face.

If you are an addict, what are you waiting for? Let’s see what great plans God has for you. Give Him a chance. See what the other side can do for you.

If you want to hear more, listen to another short testimony of where this song came from and then listen to the song again.

God will be faithful even when you fall down. He wants every part of you. What if you choose to just let go? What if you let God take full control?