Nourish Yourself With Good Things

Most of us could say that we have been hungry before and some may claim to be starving. Unless we live in some under developed country where starvation is a part of everyday life, our sense of starving is probably nowhere near reality. My thoughts may change if I was really starving but when I think of certain foods or things that others may think of as food or those things that you see on reality shows, I honestly believe that I would rather starve. I would rather have nothing than to feed those things to my body. I am sure some of the things people consume have some negative effects on one’s body.

I think about the things that people are willing to feed their mind. I think of the things we allow ourselves to watch and hear at theaters and on television and in video games and what we allow our minds to hear on the radio and how people talk to each other and even in their own presence or the presence of others within hearing distance.

People claim they are use to it or it doesn’t impact them. I believe it does. The reason they don’t believe it impacts them is because Satan will tell you that because he gets a foothold into your life that way. People for some reason get temporary enjoyment out of these things. Even what we see as a little swear word. After all how can something so small and lasts but a moment make such an impact? When we say that word, there is a sense of relieve out of expressing our emotion that creates a sense of pleasure or maybe it is because we feel accepted because that is how the people we hang out with talk. Whatever it is, it is a ploy Satan will use to draw you in and hold onto you. Like all things that Satan offers us. Sin has pleasure that last a short time and then we have the consequence of that sin.

As with food, I would rather starve than to consume some of the things people allow into their mind. We can get more satisfaction and a satisfaction that lasts by taking our emotions to God and by feeding our mind with the good things that God provides through His Word and making wise selections in what we watch, listen to, and the people we choose to spend our time with. It will not only make a positive impact in our life but it can make a positive impact in those that see the difference and also choose to feed their mind with good things.

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