Not Afraid Of Hell?

Satan does not want you to be afraid.

Some think God is a loving God that won’t send anyone to hell. God is a loving God but anyone that ends up in hell won’t be there because God sent them. It will because they chose not to live for God. They chose to do things their own way.

Some talk their way out of situations today so they think they will be able to do it then also. They are able to avoid consequences for their actions on earth so they think it will work out that well at judgment.

Some think they are a good person so they should be OK. We can’t earn salvation. Salvation only comes through Jesus. We can never be good enough or do enough on our own.

Some think it won’t be so bad because they should see friends there. Don’t be deceived. You will be so tormented, you will most likely feel like you are there alone.

If you have any of these views, you are being deceived. God tells us more about hell than heaven. That is not to scare us or threaten us. It is simply to let us know how it is going to be. We will have no excuse for where we spend eternity.

Read the Bible, get to know the Savior, Jesus,  and stay in prayer. Jesus wants to be a part of your life. Do these things and you won’t have to be afraid. You can be informed and know where you are going.

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