God’s Christmas Gifts

God’s Christmas Gifts

Do you remember the special gifts you have received at Christmas or on other special occasions? How about gifts that you have given? Which is easier to remember? You probably remember those that were the most special and also the gifts you have given more than the ones you received. That is because special gifts have more meaning and as Jesus said, “It is more blessed to give than to receive” (Acts 20:35)

God  gave the world His Son. He gave us baby Jesus, that we celebrate at Christmas, that He could experience life as a man and relate to all that we go through. He endured so much more than we will ever be called to endure. He then gave us Jesus on Calvary, that we celebrate at Easter, that we would not have to die for our sins. This is a gift of redemption. Jesus is the only way to salvation. We cannot earn it by doing good deeds or being a good person. We only receive salvation by receiving Jesus and having a relationship with Him. His presence in our lives continues to give us presents such as peace, grace, mercy, freedom etc. The list just goes on and on.

God has given us so much through giving us His Son, but there is so much more. He has given this gift to all that will receive. Gifts cannot be embraced if the receiver will not accept it. It is our choice to make and we make that choice daily. We still have so much more to receive. We still have the third gift of eternal life that will only be given to those that have accepted the first gift of baby Jesus and the second gift of Christ at Calvary. These gifts can be accepted all at once. This eternal life gives us such hope and peace that with a steady walk with Jesus, life just gets sweeter and sweeter until we pass from this life to the next where we will be in His presence.

You can’t understand what this is like by anyone telling you. You can only understand by accepting these gifts yourself because God has something special for each of us in the acceptance of these gifts. These gifts represent giving at its fullest. Have you accepted your gifts from the Heavenly Father?

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