Heaven or Hell?

Heaven or hell? Is the choice really hard?

If we could imagine the worst torture ever, we could not even come close to what hell will be  like and it continues for eternity with no let up and no way out. There is one way to not end up there.

If we could imagine the most beautiful paradise ever, we could not come close to what heaven will be like. It continues for eternity and will be unbelievably better than anything we ever imagined and we will not want out. Jesus is the only way to make it to heaven and the only way to not end up in hell.

There will be no tears in heaven. This I have a hard time understanding because if I have loved ones that have not made it because of their choice, I can’t imagine not shedding tears. It must be that God won’t allow us to remember them. If we make it to God’s gate and he says depart from me I know you not, is that the way it will be for us that we will just not know them. This thought brings tears to my eyes because we want to remember our loved ones and the memories that we share.

I don’t have an answer but God does. If we follow Him faithfully and live as He wants us to then we will take as many of our loved ones with us that we are able to reach but it will be ultimately their choice and their choice alone that will make the difference. Jesus want a personal relationship with all of us. It is not His desire that any should perish.

Is the choice really hard?

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