God is Jealous

God loves us and created us for His purpose.

We were designed for His purpose. We were designed to fellowship with Him and worship Him.

We will never be truly happy unless we are fulfilling that purpose.

When we are doing other things besides what we were designed for, God gets jealous.

When our friends devote more time to other things or people than to us, we get jealous. God gets jealous the same way.

God is jealous of the time we spend falling for Satan’s distractions. God wants us to be free to serve Him. He is tired of Satan having his way with us.

When we fall into sin, God gets angry. He does not want Satan to have us.

Keep your focus on what God has done for you, what He has brought you through, what He has promised you. He will fight for you. He is not about to allow Satan to have you now.

He gives us our daily bread. Ultimately He has sacrificed His Son Jesus that we can be saved and have eternal life.

Let’s listen to what He tells us, what He asks of us. Be obedient to His calling and His will.

What is God saying to you?

Keep Praying and Reading His Word. Be obedient.

Exodus 34:14 NIV Do not worship any other god, for the Lord, whose name is Jealous, is a jealous God.

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