Does Love Motivate You?

Some women (Mary Magdalene, Mary the mother of James, Salome, Joanna and possibly more) were on their way to Jesus’ tomb. Surely, they felt hopeless and sad. They had been with Jesus as He rode the colt into Jerusalem where they were feeling joy and hope and many were praising Jesus. What a glorious time. Now as they walked, their minds were filled with torturous scenes of the crucifixion. They had seen it all. When Jesus breathed His last, something also died in them. They were alive physically but their soul felt dead. Their hope and joy had died on that cross.

What drove them out so early on Sunday Morning? Couldn’t they just stay in and mourn for their loss, feeling sorry for themselves? They weren’t headed out to do an easy task. It would not be something they were used to doing or something they would be comfortable doing. Who else would do what they felt called to do? They were motivated by their love for Jesus.

As they walked they realized a problem. They remember that there was a stone in front of the tomb that would hinder what they set out to do. How would they accomplish their mission with this obstacle in the way and who would move it? They continued to walk. They did not let their thought stop them from continuing. As they approached the tomb, they realized the stone had already been rolled away. Their perceived problem ceased to exist.

According to Matthew there was a violent earthquake and an angel of the Lord rolled away the stone. Who was the stone moved for? Jesus had already risen. He did not need to have the stone moved. Even if He did, he would not have needed anyone to do it for Him. It was rolled away for the women and it was rolled away for us.

Once Mary and Mary realized the tomb was empty and believed their Savior had risen, they were filled with joy and were on a direct path that would lead them to meet their risen Savior. Are you on a path that will lead to your Savior? Are you motivated by your love for Jesus to do what He calls you to do? Do you believe He will move the obstacles in your life so that you can accomplish what He asks of you?

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