Do We Always Know Why We Had To Lose A Loved One?

We don’t always know why we have to lose a loved one. We should acknowledge that God knows better than us so we should accept His plan. Anger toward anyone or toward God will not help our situation. We can do everything we can while we have our loved one with us but once they are gone, we must choose to do what is right. If we know our loved one made it to heaven, we must live for God so that we will again be able to see that loved one again. We have probably had the experience so that we can help someone else that may suffer as we did. Our lost one may have been used to draw someone to Christ which we should be thankful for having been chosen for that special purpose. Our loved one may have been taken early in life because God knew what his life would hold if he were to stay here. God may have been sparing him of so much worse and now he is in a better place. We can’t always be sure of the reason things happen as they do. We must be willing to accept the things that have happened and allow God to work in our lives. God brings healing and to fight against what God has for us will only bring about destruction. God brings good to all those that love Him and are called according to His purpose.

2Samuel 11:1 to 12:23

David knew why he lost his son. We don’t always know but we can talk to God about it. He may chose to give us answers and He may chose not to but He will give us comfort and healing if we seek Him.

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