Are Children Always A Reflection Of Their Parents?

We often think our children are a reflection of us, but that is not always the case. Sometimes they choose to go against everything they have been taught, everything we stand for and even everything they know. Why? We don’t always know why, but don’t let their behavior destroy you. When we stand before God, it will be us not them that God sees.

We often worry about what others are thinking or saying. That does not matter either. They are not the ones we have to stand before. God knows our intention and He knows the part we played in the choices our children make. God knows our heart and we are to please Him not people. They do not always know our heart. We just need to continue to walk in all the light we have and let God do a work in our children. God can work in the areas where we have failed. We must trust God to also work in the areas where our children have failed.

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