Your Way or God’s Way?

Have you ever suggested to someone how to get a job done or shared with them what you thought would be a better solution? Have they ever responded, “That sounds nice, but I think I’ll do it my way.” Sometimes our way is not the best way. Sometimes it is our way that got us into the mess we are in. It is always God’s way that works the best. If we are always wanting to do things our way, we will always end up either in a disastrous situation or in a situations that is less than what God had intended for us. God will allow us to be stubborn and do it our way. He will not force anyone to do anything His way. If you want all you can get out of life and the best life available to you then you will quit trying to do things your way and you will find that God’s ways are the best no matter what you have to go through.

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