Where Will You Allow Your Hard Times To Take You?

Hard times can cause some people to turn away from God? Why? Do they think He is not big enough to give them what they need to get through the trouble? Are they mad at Him for allowing this trouble into their life? Who better than God to know what we need to get through any trouble that we are called to face? God will honor our obedience. We should continue to serve and continue to commune with God through our trouble. We will come out on the other end more than a conqueror and we will be amazed by the fact that we survived because of the strength we received from God. If we don’t get honest with God and stay faithful, where would we find a better source of what we need to get us through our trouble? Can we really become greater by doing it our way? Give it to God daily. Allow your hard times to bring you closer to God and become more than you ever thought possible.

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