We Need God, Always

We often fumble through life turning to God in times of what we think is need. We actually need God at all times. He gives us every breath. We have a tendency, at least at times, to think we can do life on our own. We go along pretty well until a crisis hits and then we pray.

God will walk beside us waiting for that opportunity to commune but He wants us to commune with Him at all times. Those times that we think we are alone and doing life fairly well or even extremely well, God is still walking beside us waiting for us to realize His presence or waiting for us to realize our need.

We get busy and don’t take time to thank God or even realize He is the one giving us each breath. Apologize for those moments that you are so consumed with life that we don’t realize who gives us life. Be still today to feel God’s presence and thank Him for being there at all times.

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