Two Glass Doors

If we had two glass doors to choose to walk through where we could see what was going on inside, would people still be deceived by the looks of the activities? If you know anything about life, you would probably agree that some would still choose the wrong door.

In this life, we make wrong choices. As long as we don’t step too far into the wrong door, we can probably make a quick choice to get out. The further we go in, the harder it is to find our way back out. If we can’t find the way out, God will help us IF WE ASK.

While we live on this earth, we will always have a way out if we make that choice. After death, we will no longer have a choice. Our choices on earth will have determined our eternity. Make sure you are aware of what is on the other side of the doors you walk through.

Free Salvation: Offer expires at death

Rick Warren tweets it this way:

Salvation: The free offer expires when you do.

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