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Seeking An Answer To Prayer May Require A Lot Of Self Examination

Are you where God wants you?

  • Are you doing what is right?
  • Are you reading God’s word? Romans 15:4
  • Are you doing what He asks you to do?
  • Are you eagerly seeking His Will?
  • Are you still giving Him praise simply because He is God?

We need to praise Him in all things even when we are uncomfortable.

Why do you want a certain answer?

  • Is it to make your life easier or more convenient?
  • Is it to make someone else’s life more comfortable?
  • Is it so God can receive glory?

We may want all of these but the primary reason should be for God to receive glory. God knows the best means to accomplish that and that may require us or others to be uncomfortable for a time.

Are you trusting God for the right answer and to bring good out of the whole situation?

  • Are you trusting Him for your spouse? your children? your friend?
  • Are you allowing Him to be God?
  • Are you trusting Him to know the right process? the right time?
  • Is God your satisfaction or are you seeking satisfaction from money? food? your spouse? a friend?
  • Are you asking for and accepting His peace, joy and hope in the situation? Romans 15:13

Do Parents Get Tired Of Trying?

Sometimes we put so much effort into wanting our children to have a better life and they still choose to settle for less. We pray and do all we can. We do what we think is best. At times, it drains us so much that we want to quit. God can give us the strength and endurance to get through the last stretch of the race.

Be Thankful

We should be thankful for all that God has given us. He created the world and lavished us with so much. Because of sin, our world is flawed. We can’t experience it like God wanted us to but we can still taste God’s goodness. We are also flawed because of sin. We can look around and see many hurts all over the world because of sin. We have a Savior that simply by invitation will cover our sin with His blood that will allow us to be righteous before God and He will enable us to live above the sin if we seek Him in all things. This is something to be thankful for even if we wouldn’t have any of the other beauty that surrounds us.