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What Kind Of Mess Are You Dealing With?

If you have a mess in your life or your life seems to be a total mess, give it all to God. He is the Master of Messes. He wants to fix them and help you to fix them. He would rather have you in your mess than not have you at all. He does not want you to fix your mess and then come to Him. He wants you to come to Him and bring your mess and lay it at His feet to fix. Your mess may keep you from having all God has for you. The messes we make may be bigger than we can handle alone. God is bigger than any mess we have made. He can turn any mess into a Masterpiece. Invite Him into your life and let Him show you what He can do. Let Him turn your ashes into beauty.

When You Have To Slow Down

Sometimes we get down or discouraged maybe from illness or injury. These are perfect times to spend those down times with God. We are so often so busy that we don’t take the time we should in prayer and reading God’s Word. It may even be what God allowed in our life to slow us down. Only blessings will come by our time well spent so give it a try. Encouragement and growth will come and it will give you something productive to do. Watching a Bible based sermon on TV vs. choosing just any show will bring about more benefit. Reading God’s Word vs. any old book will bring about more benefit. Since God’s Word is alive, it is fresh even when we reread it. Spending time with God will bring challenges and excitement while some of the other activities can bring boredom when we spend too much time on them.