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Seeking An Answer To Prayer May Require A Lot Of Self Examination

Are you where God wants you?

  • Are you doing what is right?
  • Are you reading God’s word? Romans 15:4
  • Are you doing what He asks you to do?
  • Are you eagerly seeking His Will?
  • Are you still giving Him praise simply because He is God?

We need to praise Him in all things even when we are uncomfortable.

Why do you want a certain answer?

  • Is it to make your life easier or more convenient?
  • Is it to make someone else’s life more comfortable?
  • Is it so God can receive glory?

We may want all of these but the primary reason should be for God to receive glory. God knows the best means to accomplish that and that may require us or others to be uncomfortable for a time.

Are you trusting God for the right answer and to bring good out of the whole situation?

  • Are you trusting Him for your spouse? your children? your friend?
  • Are you allowing Him to be God?
  • Are you trusting Him to know the right process? the right time?
  • Is God your satisfaction or are you seeking satisfaction from money? food? your spouse? a friend?
  • Are you asking for and accepting His peace, joy and hope in the situation? Romans 15:13

What Is God Trying To Accomplish?

In every situation, God will be doing a work on everyone involved, even those that are onlookers. Before you try to fix the other people, examine yourself to see what God is trying to do in you. It may take you getting to where God want you to be for the others to get where God wants them to be.

To Go To Church Or Not

God wants you to come to His house. There is no one in the church that is better than you and no one that God loves more than you. He wants you to come as you are. He will accept you that way and knows what you need to feel accepted. He wants you to feel free to ask for the stuff that will fill you. He also wants you to feel free to fill others while at His house. His filling will give you blessing, completeness, and purpose. His house is a place to feel at home where you can fill yourself and help fill others to overflowing. You can receive what is necessary to go out and have a week that will be better for you and better for those around you because of what you received while in God’s house.

God Gives Us Choices

We can choose a Ho Hum, Hum Drum life if we want or we can choose the abundant, fulfilling life that we can have through Christ. Both will surely have troubles but how we handle them and how we come out on the other end is what will be the difference.

We have 10 Commandments that serve as a guideline to how to have an abundant life. God, His Son Jesus, and the Holy Spirit will help us to know what the 10 Commandments can do for us and will fill in the gaps that the Law cannot fulfill. The Trinity will be our strength to be able to walk according to the Commandments.

When we choose to disregard the Commandments and live our lives by breaking them, we will feel the heaviness. We may feel guilt or be burdened with extra problems. When we don’t have the feeling of guilt, we will have a numbness that is from Satan that will keep us in bondage. We may have more problems because of the consequences that come from breaking the Commandments. The Commandments were given to us to give us a better life. They are guidelines that will keep us from the problems that result from not obeying them. God gave them to us to help us not to hinder us.

When we have that heaviness that comes from disobedience, we lose the ability to become all that we were meant to be. We think we are free to break them so that should bring freedom. This is what Satan would want us to believe because he comes to kill and destroy. He deceives by offering freedom and then gives us bondage. He does not want us to have the abundant life that God has for us. Instead of bringing us freedom, we become weighed down with problems and circumstances that hold us back from that abundant life.

It has to be us that decide to throw off the weight that Satan has burdened us with. It has to be us that decides to live our life in the abundance that Christ has to offer us. We have choices everyday and what we decide will determine how fulfilling our life will be. May it be all that God has intended.

Happy Valentine’s Day

Love from Jesus

This Christian Valentine message
sends you love I got from Jesus,
love I learned from the gospels,
found in His words,
His actions, His example.
This Christian Valentine saying
conveys love I didn’t have
before I was saved,
couldn’t relate to or understand
before I gave my life to the Lord.
On Valentine’s Day,
know that I love you and want to
lift you up, encourage you and serve you.
Happy Valentine’s Day!

By Joanna Fuchs