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Multiplied or Wasted?

If your life was $1000 bill and you gave it to God, what if He multiplied it and gave it back to you as several thousand $1 bills? Each day you would be asked to give Him $1 to represent your daily commitment to Him. The giving of the $1000 would represent you giving your life to Him for His gift of salvation. In no way does this imply that salvation can be bought with money because it cannot be purchased or earned. God giving you several thousand $1 bills in return represents how much more you will have when you give your life to him and the free will that He gives you to choose everyday whether you want to live that day for Him or not. Each $1 will represent a day of your life. We only have so many. We will have the choice to give it to him to multiply it and use it or to keep it and waste it. How many days have you already wasted? Do you wake each morning and take up your cross to follow Jesus? How will you spend your remaining days/dollars?

If you have a $20 bill to represent your day, $1 for each hour, how much of it will be given to Jesus? How well are you spending your time?

How Much Effort Are You Putting Into Your Life?

We have way too many people feeling entitled and wanting life easy. If we want to eat then we should have to work. In this life we will have problems. Don’t try to escape from them, confront them. Conquer them and become a better person because of them.

Too many want stuff given to them. They want government handouts, they think parents should continue providing even though they are an adult age and want to be treated and considered adults.

Some feel so entitled that they will steal from businesses and families. It doesn’t matter that the business should be entitled to a profit or that a family member should be entitled to keep their belongings until they want to do something else with it. Their entitlement seems to be all that matters.

Too many want a quick fix. They want things handed to them without any effort. We not only see this with money and stuff but we see it in other areas. They want something as easy as a pill. A pill to help us sleep. A pill that keeps us awake. A pill that gives us energy. A pill that calms our nerves. A pill that calms our children.

As we grow into a nation with this portion of the population growing, our society and economy are being damaged by this mentality.

There is gain with pain. Why can’t people put a little effort into life? When things get tough, we don’t need to try to escape. We can have a friend that will walk through all of life with us and when the problems arise, He will be able to help us through them. Jesus is that friend. Give Him the little problems and He may handle them before they become big. Sometimes we wait to ask for help allowing our problems to become bigger. He will be faithful to help us no matter what problem we have and no matter why we are in the problem even if it is our fault. Just ask Him, he wants to be your friend.

Seeking An Answer To Prayer May Require A Lot Of Self Examination

Are you where God wants you?

  • Are you doing what is right?
  • Are you reading God’s word? Romans 15:4
  • Are you doing what He asks you to do?
  • Are you eagerly seeking His Will?
  • Are you still giving Him praise simply because He is God?

We need to praise Him in all things even when we are uncomfortable.

Why do you want a certain answer?

  • Is it to make your life easier or more convenient?
  • Is it to make someone else’s life more comfortable?
  • Is it so God can receive glory?

We may want all of these but the primary reason should be for God to receive glory. God knows the best means to accomplish that and that may require us or others to be uncomfortable for a time.

Are you trusting God for the right answer and to bring good out of the whole situation?

  • Are you trusting Him for your spouse? your children? your friend?
  • Are you allowing Him to be God?
  • Are you trusting Him to know the right process? the right time?
  • Is God your satisfaction or are you seeking satisfaction from money? food? your spouse? a friend?
  • Are you asking for and accepting His peace, joy and hope in the situation? Romans 15:13

What Is God Trying To Accomplish?

In every situation, God will be doing a work on everyone involved, even those that are onlookers. Before you try to fix the other people, examine yourself to see what God is trying to do in you. It may take you getting to where God want you to be for the others to get where God wants them to be.