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The Truth

The truth can hurt sometimes but the Truth will set you free. It can set you free from you addiction, from your debt, from your past, from any burden that you don’t need to be carrying around.

When you face the truth, you can deal with it. When you run from the truth, the burden gets heavier.

The longer you run, the larger it gets. The larger it gets, the harder it will be to unload.

Today is the day of Salvation. Unload your burdens today.

A Stable Life

Does life ever get away from you? I am pretty sure it happens to everyone periodically if not frequently. Schedules and routines are great but life doesn’t continue long without interruptions. We have to adjust ourselves to what is going on.

Even in our routines, we should be evaluating and adjusting so that we are always keeping God first. He is the most stable being in our life.

Maybe your life feels totally out of control. It may be time to reevaluate your priorities. If you don’t already have God in your life, maybe it is time you invite Him in to see what a change he can make.

Meeting Jesus

After Christ was crucified, there was grieving and hopelessness. On Sunday, the women went to the tomb expecting to find Jesus still dead. They went to the tomb filled with hopelessness and despair. They were undoubtedly very depressed and heavy hearted. As they walked, they no longer had the joy they once had while Jesus was with them.

They were overjoyed to hear that He had risen. They hurried from the tomb to tell the others. It is written that they were filled with joy and also fearful. They continued to walk. When Jesus revealed Himself to the women, they worshiped Him. Their dark dreadful day has been transformed into one with excitement and new hope. Their steps as they go to tell the others are filled with joy.

The steps to the tomb were greatly contrasted from the steps they took leaving the tomb. What circumstances are you facing that may feel like you are walking to the tomb? Have your days been burdensome? Do you need a new hope? Do you need the joy put back into you step? The tomb is empty. The stone has been rolled away. You can walk away from that emptiness to meet Jesus. He can put the joy back into your step. Your day does not have to remain hopeless. Meeting Jesus can give you a hope and a joy no matter what you face during your day.

Maybe you know the joy of meeting Jesus. Is your joy so overflowing that you must tell someone? It is so overflowing that it overcomes the fears that you have? These women were so devoted to Jesus that they were there during His crucifixion and wanted to tend to His body after His death. Jesus will reward your devotion to Him. If you want to have more joy, you can be honest with Jesus and ask Him to give you joy that you want to tell others about. You can also ask Him to give you what you need to overcome your fears no matter what those fears are.

Multiplied or Wasted?

If your life was $1000 bill and you gave it to God, what if He multiplied it and gave it back to you as several thousand $1 bills? Each day you would be asked to give Him $1 to represent your daily commitment to Him. The giving of the $1000 would represent you giving your life to Him for His gift of salvation. In no way does this imply that salvation can be bought with money because it cannot be purchased or earned. God giving you several thousand $1 bills in return represents how much more you will have when you give your life to him and the free will that He gives you to choose everyday whether you want to live that day for Him or not. Each $1 will represent a day of your life. We only have so many. We will have the choice to give it to him to multiply it and use it or to keep it and waste it. How many days have you already wasted? Do you wake each morning and take up your cross to follow Jesus? How will you spend your remaining days/dollars?

If you have a $20 bill to represent your day, $1 for each hour, how much of it will be given to Jesus? How well are you spending your time?

What Is God Trying To Accomplish?

In every situation, God will be doing a work on everyone involved, even those that are onlookers. Before you try to fix the other people, examine yourself to see what God is trying to do in you. It may take you getting to where God want you to be for the others to get where God wants them to be.