There Is A Purpose For Everything

Three reason why we go through things:

  • God’s plan is bigger than ours. Others are watching us.
  • ┬áDiscipline – God may be teaching us something.
  • Consequence – We may have done something to get ourselves in a situation.

i.e. The Israelites spent 40 years in the wilderness for doubting God. This is probably an example for all of the reasons.

Three characteristics of deliverance from your situation:

  • It comes in God’s time. His time is always the right time. It may be when you finally “get” it or it may be when all the pieces have fallen where God wanted them.
  • It may come through others. It may be their support, their prayer, or whatever God was wanting to teach someone else.
  • It may come simply through Jesus Christ Himself. He hears our cries. He may have just wanted to hear from us.

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