About Us

Myself I thank God for all the trials that have been a part of making me who He wants me to be. They are hard at the time, but He is faithful. “…we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose.” Romans 8:28(NIV)

God is more than a story to me. He is more than words on a page to me.

Husband (married in 1987) We worked together through everything that has crossed our path. I love him more than he knows because sometimes we forget to treat our spouse the way we should and we forget to show them how much we appreciate them.

1st child (daughter, 1990) Throughout school, she has always been athletic and very social. Now as a young woman, I consider her a princess and an artist. She is more beautiful than she knows, inside and out. She has a talent for drawing that to me is phenomenal but that is because my stick figures don’t amount to much. She is still trying to figure out life but I think that is because she is always sacrificing herself by trying to help others get their lives together. She has been doing this since junior high. She hasn’t figured it out that people don’t get better by having others do for them. They only get better by seeking the source that created them for a special purpose.

What Makes Her Special

2nd child (son, 1992) He has always been an “A” student and an “A” athlete. He has learned to trust God to get him through any obstacles. He is basically very talented in any sport that requires a ball to be in play. Basketball is his love but the others are not far behind. It is still great to see him on any court or field.

3rd child (son, 1996) This is my “can do it” son. If he has the determination, he will get ‘r done. He is also athletic, but he has given up some of his sports to branch out into athletic areas that do not involve a ball to be in play and also areas that involve hard work. He began cutting grass at about the age of 5 (push and ride). He was and continues to be very competent. He continues to add to his many talents. He has been known to use our farm tractor for a bull dozer. He loves machines, construction(small or large), wood working, and basically anything that requires hard work.

4th child (son, 1997) This one is still revealing himself. He also is athletic. Seems to enjoy basketball and soccer the most. He also stretches himself into other sports. He has more recently stepped up into desiring to mow the lawn. It use to be a chore, but now he seems to enjoy.