Raising Children Is Not Routine

Take time to treat each of your children differently. It will take a little extra effort but they are worth it. We must take the time to know what they need and desire based on their personalities. We are always told to treat them the same to be fair and they will remind us of that when they don’t get what they want. Don’t believe it. Each one is unique and should be treated that way. They will need different types of attention, treatment, discipline, gifts, etc. We need to love and respect them enough to take the time ourselves to figure out what is right for them. When we don’t get it right we can apologize to God and to them. If we pray and put in the effort, God will help us do the best for our children.

Do this while they are young because it will take time to get it right and the teen years will be the time when this knowledge will be especially useful. Raising children is not routine. It is an adventure and can take its toll when we go through the teen years. It can be exciting if we have the right perspective. The baby years seem tough and then things start to get easier. Just about the time you realize you are getting the job done, they become teenagers and you realize the adventure has just begun. Prayer will help you and your child get through the adventure.

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