When the day arrives that you are now calling “tomorrow,” you will call that day “today” and a different day will be called “tomorrow.” (Therefore, you should not resolve to do something tomorrow, since that day will never arrive.)

When Satan reminds you of your past, remind him of his future.

“Discipline yourself and others won’t need to.”                           ― John Wooden

“Everybody, sooner or later, sits down to a banquet of consequences.” – Robert Louis Stevenson

Tithe if you love Jesus. Anyone can honk.

I am not as good as I want to be.
I am not as great as I will one day be.
Thank God!
I am so much better than I use to be.

People don’t cry because they are weak, they cry because they have been strong for too long.

Words may lie, but actions always tell the truth.

If you are going to change, change for the better!