Peace In The Midst Of Our Storm

Thank God for the peace that He provides when we are in situations out of our control. So often we try to solve our problems without God. It is always to our benefit to ask God as soon as we know there is a problem. There is even more benefit to asking Him at the start of everyday to guide you through what your day will bring. Too many times, we wait until our problem becomes such a burden that we can’t do much else than cry out to God. At these times we often wonder why we waited so long to ask for His power to work in our situation.

At times we may have a situation that there is absolutely nothing we can do anyway. It is just wonderful to be able to know that He can be where we cannot and He can do the things we cannot. It is wonderful to have the peace that He gives during those situations. Those living without Christ would be burdened by worry, frustration, anger, etc. instead of the peace that passes all understanding, a peace that the world can’t give.

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