Love and Respect Go Hand in Hand

A husband is to love his wife and a wife is to respect her husband. This is not hard when both are being obedient to God’s guidance but when one is not doing their part, it makes it more difficult for the other to do their part. This can cause a cycle that continues and can cause a distance between a couple. Satan is happy when this happens because a house divided cannot stand and he is all about destroying marriages and families.

Communication can be the best solution to understanding each other and fulfilling each other’s needs. This can be difficult at times with hectic schedules and most do not liking confrontation but the more you participate, the easier it becomes. Communication can cause a cycle that will glorify God and make the relationship better. It will cause love and respect to be given over and over and the cycle creates a positive effect instead of a negative effect.

If you are in a relationship that you feel you are giving all the time and not receiving, it can be difficult but keep doing what you should. Seek God for your fulfillment and He will be faithful to work things out.

Even in a relationship that is going well, there is still a need for God in each life because there are things that only God can satisfy. Putting a burden on your spouse to fulfill a need that only God can fulfill will also keep you at a distance. Try to keep everything in perspective. We must examine our self before we approach the other.

We can’t solve each other’s problems but, when you seek God together, He gives solutions that work. We can do better individually by seeking God individually. We also do better in a relationship when we seek God within that relationship. God has blessings that only come because both are seeking together.

May God Bless Your Marriage!

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