Is This Really Love?

Do we really have to have an “in love” feeling? I say “No”. We may look for that but it may never happen. When finding a marriage partner, we must look for one that meets our “specs”. Hopefully those specs are high enough to be happy with but aren’t too high to meet. No one is perfect and we may set standards so high that we may never find someone to meet our expectation. What we are looking for is someone to meet the more important requirements, but some can be overlooked if they are lower on our list. Also, if we depend on a feeling, we may not ever find a partner.

That “in love” feeling may come for some but not all. Even for those that experience it, it fades with time (usually between six months to two years)  That is when we have to choose to continue to love that person or move on. Hopefully if you have already married, you will choose to love that person because if you choose to move on, chances are that you will go through the same with someone else. Statistics have shown remarriages are a trend and each time, the length of the marriage shortens. The best option in to choose to love the one you are with.

We all need love. That “in love” experience may satisfy for a time but when it fades, we must be aware of our abilities to continue to love and be loved when the feeling is no longer there. It is better to be aware of this before hand so that you are not caught off guard when the feeling fades. Many things can be done to help your love relationship. It is a choice and it needs to be intentional. You have to work at it. Many marriages fail because, people get selfish and lazy. They think of themselves and don’t want to put effort into having something good.

When we choose to work at our relationship, we gain the power of working together through whatever life brings us. We will be empowered to overcome the obstacles that will come with marriage. We can become closer through our trials instead of having our trials drive us apart. We will end up with something more beautiful than we could imagine. It will be better than that “in love” experience that we may have once felt. Just remember, we don’t necessarily need to feel that to have a great relationship. In fact, we may be better off if we don’t because then we won’t be fooled to thinking we are in love when it was never love at all.

By working at our love relationship, we will be better off as a couple and also a better person as an individual. There are many resources that can help you improve that relationship, just be sure to make sure you look at reputable ones if you need direction for your efforts. May God Bless your efforts and give you a relationship that is better than you ever expected.


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