God Will Fight The Battle For You

Just as God fought for the Israelites in Exodus 14 to free them from their bondage to slavery, He will fight to free you from any bondage you are experiencing. You must be willing to move ahead possibly going through the desert to reach the promised land but it will be worth it. God will go before you but He expects you to ask Him to be with you. Don’t get so comfortable in your sin that you want to turn back as the Israelites considered. Keep going forward. God will help you. You need to keep looking to God and staying in touch with Him by praying and reading His Word. It may be hard at times but cry out to Jesus. He will supply what you need to be free. When you feel that freedom, it will be worth it all. The longer you live with Christ and in that freedom, the sweeter and easier it becomes even when we have a battle to fight. It doesn’t always feel easy in the midst of the battle, but each time you make it through, you realize that God sustained you while making you stronger and increasing you faith.

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